Estimated Shipping Time is a calculation of several factors, including item availability, the shipping method you select and the shipping destination. Please note Shipping Time does not include processing time.The chart below lists the estimated delivery timelines for the orders.

Shipping Method Shipping Days
Postal  Shipping 18 - 22 Business Days , Cost Free  
DHL Shipping 7-10 Business Days  Cost 35.00USD ( each)
  • The estimated dates of all these shpping methods are only available within the continental United States,Canada And Australia. Few more additional days should be added to your delivery date if your products need to be shipped to some Europe Country . Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico.
  • The weight of your package is an important factor in determining the shipping cost you pay. In general, the heavier the package, the more it costs to ship. Freight surcharges (for heavy items) will be added if they apply to your order.

    - Free Shipping  Orders ( order 2 or more) ship separately

    Processing Time

    Your orders will need 3 - 4 business days to process.
    Please Note:
    • we can not guarantee the specific shipping dates. It all depends on the products you order and the specific shipping destination. Please allow for no more than 15 -28 days for international orders by Postal
    • My website does not take liability if the ordered products get lost while delivery.
    • You may receive your order sooner or later depending on unforseen order processing factors, weather delays & holidays.
    • Your information (especially delivery address, telephone number and email address) of the order should be precise and concrete.
    • Before your order is dispatched, we also need extra business days to have your orders processed.

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